What Primal Stride Is All About?

Hi, I’m Suhail Agha and this is Primal Stride.

Primalstride.com is YOUR one stop shop for all your calisthenics needs.

EVERYTHING you need to know about building muscle and strength with calisthenics is on this website and is absolutely FREE.

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I will show you:

  1. The TRUTH AND LIES behind calisthenics training
  2. The BEST CALISTHENICS EXERCISES to build strength and size
  3. The most EFFICIENT WAYS TO BUILD MUSCLE AND STRENGTH with calisthenics training
  4. MY PERSONAL CALISTHENICS JOURNEY and what I do to build muscle and strength

If you’re looking to start building muscle with calisthenics, then you’re at the right place.

Start with my MUST READ articles below, and find your own Primal Stride:

  1. What Is Calisthenics – My personal philosophy on calisthenics
  2. Benefits Of Calisthenics – This is why I choose to train this way
  3. How To Start Calisthenics – Solid calisthenics training principles
  4. How To Build Muscle With Calisthenics – What to do and when yo do it
  5. Calisthenics Vs Weights – Truth and lies revealed
  6. High Volume Calisthenics – Is it worth your time?
  7. Pull Ups And Dips Only – Can this build you a complete physique?


EVERYTHING you need to know about calisthneics training is on this website and is absolutely FREE You just have to find it.

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